The slabs are assembled alternately, starting with the lowest of larger sizes. 

The slabs were fixed on aluminum uprights fixed to the iron structure by means of brackets, dimensions from 160 mm 40 mm and thickness 3 mm, by means of rivets, diameter 4.8 mm, while the fixing of the plates on the aluminum uprights was made with rivets diameter 3,5 mm.

The system is conceived in a mixed way, both with mechanical fastenings and with special adhesives. 

The substructure is composed of "P1" brackets anchored to the wall by means of mechanical-chemical anchors and "T" profiles joined to the brackets by means of reinforcements.Insulating glass wool or other types of materials are used between masonry and substructure to ensure thermal insulationacoustic.

The fixing of the finishing plates (ceramics) to the substructure takes place through the use of a horizontal aluminum plate.