Tfacciate products for ventilated facades

Tecnofacciate, produces its own patented coupling system, this system can be applied to any type of coating, ceramic, marble, alucobond, fibrocement. The peculiarity of the system are the completely closed joints both horizontally and vertically that allow greater insulation and reduction of energy consumption necessary to maintain the comfort temperature inside the building, this allows to maintain a constant and homogeneous internal temperature inside the house.

Tecnofacciate manufactures and markets its system, which can be easily mounted directly on site. 

 The slabs can be assembled and arrive on site ready to be attached to the substructure, this allows installers a shorter time for processing. 

 This system is a novelty and has been designed to be competitive with systems already on the market. 

 How the Tecnofacciate system is composed: A bar behind the slabs, is anchored with specific structural adhesives and a safety cutter in this way we have a double security, by means of adhesives and mechanical fixing. There are two bars placed vertically that fit with the bar below, completely closing the ceramic both horizontally and vertically. Each plate can be disassembled individually, in case of replacement. It’s a fast system to install because everything is set up in advance.

It’s possible to do:

  • Ventilated facades
  • Micro-ventilated coats

Complete realization:

  • Complete substructure
  • Insulating glass wool is used in construction to thermally and acoustically insulate walls.
  • Rock wool insulation, the best solution for insulation of the house in noisy areas.
  • Specific plate and adhesive support plates
  • Finishing slabs, ceramics, alucobond, marble
  • Laying

 The finishing materials are:

  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • HPL panels
  • Rolled
  • Superslim ceramic (thickness 3mm finish slabs)
  • Alucobond