Our European system is conceived in a mixed way, both with mechanical fixings and with special adhesives. The substructure consists of brackets anchored to the wall by dowels mechanical-chemical and T-profiles joined to the brackets by means of rivets. Between masonry and substructure are used insulating glass wool or other types of materials that ensure thermo-acoustic insulation. The fastening finishing plates (ceramics, laminates, fibre cement, stone, marble) to the substructure takes place through the use of a horizontal aluminium plate (P1), two vertical plates in aluminium (P2) and rivets. The plate (P1) is placed on the back of the finishing plate with specific adhesives and milled anchor, while the (P2) only with adhesives. The rivets are inserted in the joints between one plate and the other. They then easily disassembled, even individually.  This patent also provides for the closure of the joints both horizontally and vertically. 

You can see the European Patent certificate in the part below, which also integrates the Italian patent with the relevant tables.