The ventilated facade or  Ventilated wall is a particular type of surface coating exterior of buildings. The system consists in the application of panels that are connected to metal supports anchored to the supporting structure. The finishing plates can be of various thicknesses and materials (ceramics, marble, stone, fibrocement, rolled). The ventilated wall is mainly characterized by position of the outer coating layer, which does not adhere directly to the wall. It is instead spaced, so as to form a cavity that allows natural air circulation from the base to the top. In this space an effect is created continuous ventilation (chimney effect) due to the difference temperature between the air inside and outside.


The application of our patented systems for ventilated facades and micro-ventilated coats guarantees numerous advantages:
  • Increased insulation thermal, almost total reduction of thermal bridges with resulting in energy savings.
  • Increased acoustic insulation thanks to fully closed joints.
  • Completely closed joints ensure complete closure on the front and therefore total absence of moisture and water infiltration. They also avoid the intrusion of insects, preventing them from nesting and thus avoiding costly disinfection.
  • Protection of the wall structure from direct action weather conditions (wind, water, sand).
  • Simplified assembly and increased safety on construction sites.
  • Independence of individual slabs and ease of disassembly and reassembly of the same.  (removable individually)
  • Ease of installation in place regardless of weather conditions.
  • Greater impact resistance of the cladding panels as they are fixed on three sides.
The materials that can be used with our system are: ceramics, marble, alucobond, fibrocement.
The new system has been designed to meet the needs of architects, allowing adaptation to any type of finishing material.
Energy saving is one of the most important elements, this system is a retractable hook with the closure of the joints both horizontally and vertically, this creates a continuity from the base to the top.


Modern architecture is constantly evolving in search of new systems and solutions state-of-the-art that can meet current building needs contemporary to ensure greater efficiency, functionality, practicality, innovation and comfort. The facades ventilated represent an innovative building system, which combines high stylistic quality with technical performance. They are designed primarily to meet the needs of high aesthetic quality combined with energy saving and insulation thermal and acoustic. Find application both in building contexts private (coverings and renovations of houses such as houses, condominiums, buildings and industrial plants including factories and warehouses) that public (hospitals, airports, railway stations, shopping malls and buildings for public use).

Tecnofacciate for over 25 years realizes in Italy and abroad ventilated facades account third. The years of experience in this field have made all the issues related to them, inherent in the convenience in assembly and disassembly, timing of implementation, energy saving and economic terms. After years of
work in this area has designed and implemented its own system of ventilated facades, which obviated the above problems listed. A further development of this system, is the application to coating coats. Taking advantage of the principles, the characteristics and advantages of ventilated facades was It is possible to obtain a revolutionary system for microventilated coats. Conceiving new systems is very complex, only those who design are able to solve all the problems and every type of need related to them. Reliability, safety, efficiency and innovation are the prerogatives for our company, working in this field has always been an incentive to satisfy customers by improving the product.