The company Techno Facades has been realizing for over 25 years third parties ventilated facades in Italy as well as abroad. Years of experience in this area have revealed all the problems related to the installation and the dismantling of them, the construction schedules, energy saving and costs. After years of work in this area it has designed and built its own system of ventilated facades, which obviates  to the above mentioned problems. The result is an innovative system of ventilated facades optimized and patented. A further development of this system is the application of the coatings. Using the principles, characteristics and advantages of ventilated facades it has been possible to achieve a breakthrough system micro-ventilated coats. Devise new and customised projects is very complex, only those who design it is able to solve all the problems and all kinds of needs related to them. Reliability, safety, efficiency and innovation are the guiding principles for our company and to work in this area has always been an incentive to satisfy customers by improving our offer.